Touch Social is the first step into the next generation of Social Media



TST is used to reward content creation and curation on our platform. It has an intricate relationship with Influence & is used to back our economy with the TSD currency.

Platform Mechanics

Accounts on Touch gain ‘influence’ from their interactions. This levels up your account and earns you more payouts on the platform.

Project Goals

Promote Real Content

The current climate of our social networking platforms panders to the farming of views. Whatever looks or appears to be the best generally is on these platforms, although most users are aware of how fabricated this content is.

Restructure Digital Advertising

Similarly, digital advertising works this way as well. Views generally equal sales for advertisers, the only difference is that ads are highly targeted on these platforms. The social network of the future does not profit off selling its users data, but gives them to tools to monetize it themselves.