Touch Social v0.2

Touch Social v0.2 is a standalone app currently available in the Google Play & iOS Stores. The app is being used to distribute TST and TSD, as well as gain further insights into the features requested by our community.

TSD is not liquid at this time.

This currency will be transferrable once the TST/TSD exchange is implemented.

Learn How You Can Use TSD

There are many ways to earn and use your TSD within the Touch Social app!

Influence is a gauge on post interactions.

What is Influence?

Influence is a resource your account accumulates while posting and sharing on Touch Social. This is done primarily through posting your own content and having others engage with it, but can also be gained by sharing and interacting with other user’s posts.

At certain thresholds of Influence, the users account will level up to grant them access to additional features on the platform. TST can be temporarily exchanged for Influence with a lockout period of 3 months.

How does it work?

The Influence calculation allows TSD to be distributed amongst users on Touch Social based on their contributions to the platform.

Based on the cumulative engagement of all the content being posted on Touch Social, this algorithm calculates the relative number of TSD to distribute in order to maintain a fixed exchange rate.

Account level affects payouts.

What is my account level?

An accounts level is used to calculate the total amount of TSD it receives from payouts. It can be increased accumulating Influence or temporarily boosted by locking TST.

The higher the account level, the more recieved from dividend payouts.

How do payouts work?

TSD is currently paid out on a monthly basis. This is subject to change. Payouts are based on the total amount of interactions on a specific post. The majority of this reqard is distributed to the creator, with the rest being divided amongst users that curated the content.

Future Features

Current Functionality

TST/TSD Wallet
Influence Calculation
Account Levels
TST Staking
Ethereum Support

Planned Functionality

Bitcoin Support
BTC, ETH, TST Exchange
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