Alpha v0.1 – Complete

The Alpha was a Proof of Concept for a social network built to reward users. Tests ended successfully in Feb 2019.

Beta v0.2 – Complete

Beta v0.2 is the minimum viable product release for Touch Social. It was released initially on Google Play and testing ended in March 2020.

Touch Social v1.0 – Complete

Touch Social is currently live and available for download on both the Apple and Google App stores.


Wallet Upgrade – In Progress

Upgrading the wallet functionality in order to support BTC, ADA, EOS, and a range of other cryptocurrencies. This will allow them to be exchanged within the app.

Touch Social App Updates – In Progress

Implementing new features such as video support, audio / podcast support, influencer dashboard, user marketplace and live streaming.

Liquid Exchange TBA

Adding exchange functionality to the app and supporting TSD/TST transfers, as well as ETH.

DeFi Payment Network TBA

Allowing merchants to accept payments in any currency and receive their selected currency as settlement.