Users that accumulate TST in their Touch Social wallet (via exchanges or airdrops) are able to lock a certain amount of it in a smart contract for a minimum of 3 months.

By staking these tokens, the user’s account receives an influence boost that will scale with their base influence level. This means that an account with level 2 influence on the platform receives a 2x more influence for every TST they stake, whereas a level 10 account will receive 10x more.

Users can remove TST from the staking contract after 3 months have passed, but can choose to leave the tokens locked indefinitely. Once the tokens are removed, the user’s influence boost will also be removed.

The staking system allows users to invest in their Touch Social account whilst simultaneously providing a base value for the TST currency.

Future features:

  • Users will receive a share in the exchange dividend pool based on their staked TST every month.
  • Custom profile badges based on staked TST

How to stake TST

1. Open the influence tab in the main  menu
2. Use the slider to select your desired amount of TST to stake
3. Confirm the staking amount in the pop-up screen
4. Done! View your current influence boost above the total influence amount in the top bar