Token Economics

The Touch Smart Token and Touch Social Dollar make up the primary debt instruments for the platform.

Touch Smart Token

Social Networking from a different angle

The Touch Smart Token(TST/Touch) is the main cryptocurrency behind Touch Social and all other assets derive their value from it. There is a total supply of 1 Billion and this figure cannot be changed.

Content payouts are paid in a currency that is backed by the total supply of Touch, named “Touch Dollars” This figure is calculated at the end of each payout period based on the total supply of Touch and Touch dollars in circulation.


Total Supply of TST


Currently Available


Transaction Fees

Touch Smart Token

TST is used to reward content creation and curation on our platform. It has an intricate relationship with Influence & is used to back our economy with the  TSD currency.

View TST Contract Here

Touch Social Dollars

The Influence calculation allows TSD to be distributed amongst users on Touch Social based on their contributions to the platform.

Based on the cumulative engagement of all the content being posted on Touch Social, this algorithm calculates the relative number of TSD to distribute in order to maintain a fixed exchange rate.

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