Below lists the current Touch Smart Token (TST) distribution amounts and intended uses – This page will continue to be updated as more information is added.

Current TST in circulation – 976,097* (estimate)

50% Payment Network and Platform Rewards (500,000,000)
– Half of the total fixed supply of TST is reserved for Touch Payment Network payouts (TBA) and Platform Rewards (Touch Social)

5% Founders/Team (50,000,000)
– Held by Parent Company, Founders, Alpha Bug Testers, Indie Developers, Advisors, Early Stage Supports

2.5% Alpha TST/TSD Exchange (25,000,000)
– Set aside for the Alpha stage of the TST/TSD Exchange (Any remaining tokens after alpha stage has ended will be moved to Platform Rewards wallet)

5% Public Distribution (50,000,000)
– Set aside to be distributed to the public throughout various means (Airdrops, Bounty Rewards, Bug Rewards, Referral System)

5% Development & Updates (50,000,000)
– Set aside to be added to public exchanges at transparant and community voted increments – All funds within this wallet will be used to cover platform costs, development and updates.

32.5% Reserve (325,000,000)
– Set aside as a fixed asset reserve (TBA)

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